Charline Hebert

Senior HR Strategist and CEO

As an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years, Charline, our Senior HR Strategist and CEO, has helped her clients shift their business trajectory by transforming their people strategy, time and time again. 

Having worked with 100s of companies in business strategy, Charline brings a completely different approach to Human Resources: one that focuses on shaping your HR department and your employee strategy around your business values and goals. As a business owner and consultant, she has directly worked with varied manufacturing and production departments, sales teams and HR departments within countless companies including her own. She has held directorial management positions over multiple departments that have included marketing, research and development, and engineering. She knows the complexities that come with executive leaders trying to communicate their expectations with their teams and the frustration employees feel from the disconnect high level executives can have with the day-to-day operations. She leverages it all with the addition of her expertise as an HR strategist to create detailed Human Resources solutions and initiatives for you and your specific company needs. 

Her hands-on philosophy on the execution of her approach has been key in the success her clients have achieved while working with her and Ascend. She thrives when working with people—helping them out of their struggles and into a space where they are able to access more of their potential. Her empathy and insight into human nature and positive psychology deepens her scope of how businesses work but most importantly, of how people perform when they feel depleted and discouraged, versus energized and empowered.

“Caring for people has always and will always be the driving force for my work. It’s the reason I chose nursing as my first career in the early ’90s, and is the reason behind every role I’ve chosen in the Human Resources Strategy, Business Consulting and Marketing world over the last 24 years.”

She has a profound understanding of what your business needs to function as a whole, understands the intricate moving pieces of your enterprise, and is driven by the desire to uncover the winning team you gain access to when the proper support and roles are put into play. 

“Time and time again, my clients’ successes have proven that having a people strategy that is in service to your company’s goals and values, is crucial. And in return, you and your company must be willing to serve, empower and elevate the employees that make it the success that it is in order to keep up its momentum. Both must serve each other harmoniously. Your business strategy must include the care and well-being of your employees just as your people-strategy must be designed to move your company forward.”

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"My job as a leader is to make sure that everybody in the company has great opportunities and that they feel they’re having meaningful impact to the good of the society."
Larry Page, Google

Charline not only helps you see your company and employees from another perspective. She provides you and your team with foundational principles to improve and maintain a great culture and so much more.


Nick Thebeau

General Manager at Targetts Windows & Doors Ltd

You not only get a person with a proven track record but more importantly a personal level of care and commitment to make your company a better place for everyone. [...] Charline is able to distinguish herself by listening and then focusing on the smallest details that make the biggest difference in the end.


Stewart Cosman

Production Manager at Global Windows Inc.

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