Nowlen Augustine

Specialist in Leadership and HR Processes

Through the diversity of his work register, Nowlen, our Leadership and HR Process Specialist, helps our clients build leaders adept at navigating the tumultuous seasons of business, imparting them with leadership skills they’ll be able to depend on, even in crisis. He’ll equip them with HR tools and processes that will allow your business, your leaders and their teams to thrive.

Throughout the various leadership roles he has occupied in the last 15 years, Nowlen brings an impactful perspective to Business Leadership and HR. It’s one built on the philosophy that leaders who focus on personal growth and development become their company’s greatest asset. He understands that these are the leaders that inspire and create momentum for your employees to reach company goals with more ease and efficiency. They become the creators of brilliant company culture, and will be the reason yours evolves and stands the test of time. 

With his years of entrepreneurship, time spent in the US Marine Corps, in the political arena, with First Nation organizations, non-profits, and countless associations, Nowlen has acquired a refined skill set that allows him to offer his clients exceptional leadership and team development training. In addition to this, his wide knowledge of legislation, HR compliance and HR software implementation allow him to develop HR policies, processes and tools that will better serve your company, leaders and team—leveraging your day-to-day operations and allowing you to achieve more over time.

Nowlen understands that your company’s success starts with your employees’ well-being. Most leaders do not even realize that this is a part of their job, never mind having the skills needed to recognize core well-being issues with their team members, and rectify them. He makes sure your leading executives, managers and supervisors know how to make themselves accessible and available to their teams. Nowlen has a saying that says: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” He has seen time and time again that leaders who are able to slow down and focus on helping employees experience less friction and more satisfaction at work, are the ones who allow their teams to reach their full potential. They know when to push and when to pull back.

“As leaders, when we focus our attention away from the people and put too much of it on company numbers and targets, that’s when we start to see our teams struggle, and production ultimately takes a hit.”

Great leadership is seen when people put their employees first, have the tools to do so, while still keeping their eye on company goals and values—continually steering the “ship” in the right direction. This is where Nowlen thrives. He will help you create leaders that support your employees to be in service to your company’s goals and values. He’ll equip them with tools and procedures they can rely on to do their work with confidence and passion, leading your business towards a trajectory you’ll truly be proud of.

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Charline Hebert

Senior HR Strategist and CEO

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Charline Hebert

Charline Hebert

Senior HR Strategist and CEO

As an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years, Charline has helped her clients shift and align their people strategy to their business strategy, goals and vision.

Charline Hebert

Senior HR Strategist and CEO

As an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years, Charline has helped her clients shift and align their people strategy to their business strategy, goals and vision.

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“Businesses often forget about the culture and ultimately they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.”
Tony Hsieh, Zappos

Charline not only helps you see your company and employees from another perspective. She provides you and your team with foundational principles to improve and maintain a great culture and so much more.


Nick Thebeau

General Manager at Targetts Windows & Doors Ltd

You not only get a person with a proven track record but more importantly a personal level of care and commitment to make your company a better place for everyone. [...] Charline is able to distinguish herself by listening and then focusing on the smallest details that make the biggest difference in the end.


Stewart Cosman

Production Manager at Global Windows Inc.

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